Great Looking Skin and Sunless Tan Solutions

For one reason or another, perfectly tanned skin has long been in fashion--ever since the 1920s, in fact, when it was a major status signifier. Ever since, people have been trying to perfect what it is that makes a tan look good to varying degrees of success. Regardless, the time-tested way seems to be by being exposed to the Sun for varying degrees of time. When trying to get that gorgeous bronzed look to your skin, you don't have to lay out in the Sun and risk burning yourself, nor pay good money to lay down in a tanning salon. Both run the risk of damaging your skin with excessive UV rays and can lead to cancerous side effects. Skin cancer probably isn't what you're hoping to achieve when you set out to change your looks. Take a look at this link for more great tips on sunless lotions!

Fortunately, there's any number of sunless tanning solutions out there that, more than just allowing you to get the proper coloration that you're after, it's also infinitely more healthy for your skin. Some of them are even beneficial in and of themselves, aside from their ability to change your skin tone.

Firstly, you can be sure that it's a completely even tan. With normal methods, you'd be at the mercy of whatever light source is available to you and whatever quirks it may have. Maybe it'll suddenly be overcast when outside or maybe the tanning bed is different than another one you usually use. Moreover, you'll more than likely have to wear clothing of some kind while you're tanning, which can create lines or patterns that, while maybe not unattractive, definitely take away from the uniform sense of color that many aspire to while tanning. With sunless tanning lotions and sprays, you can effectively layer as much as you want in as many places as you want, effectively creating a tan that both covers your entire body and is uniform in its shade. You can buy the best spray tan solution right here!

Secondly, there are the health benefits. Not having to go out tanning means not having to subject your body to excessive ultraviolet light. Sunlight, while providing your body with necessary vitamins, also has the ability to damage your skin and make it much rougher to the touch. There's also the added factor that tanning has been demonstrably linked to higher rates of skin cancer. With sunless tanning lotions and sprays, you largely don't have to worry about any sort of health-related risks. In fact, some of these products are fortified with other beneficial ingredients for your skin, thereby increasing the overall quality of both your skin and the tan itself.

With these points in mind, there should be no contest in terms of tanning solutions. The old way of doing things is no longer tenable and there are modern solutions that achieve just as good results in coloration than the old methods. It's only a question of when you want to start.